There are a few ways you can approach Week 1 in survivor – you can play it safe and pick one of the juggernauts of the league or you can pick an average team who has a good matchup in Week 1 who you likely won’t have many good opportunities to pick later in the season.
The juggernauts:
Patriots (vs Chiefs)
Steelers (@ Browns)
Falcons (@ Bears)
Other top teams like the Packers, Raiders, Titans, Seahawks, Giants, and Cowboys are all playing games that can come down to the wire.
The Panthers are also in a favorable matchup against the 49ers but the 49ers have a better defense than people are expecting and it’s Cam’s first game back after shoulder surgery. You may want to save Carolina for later in the season.
Value picks:
Rams : playing home vs a Colts offense without Luck and C Ryan Kelly. CB Vontae Davis is also out for the Colts so that should help Jared Goff in his first game with Sammy Watkins. The Rams have questions on offense but their front 7 is significantly better than the Colts’ offensive line and should pressure Scott Tolzien all day.
Bills: playing the worst team in the league in the Jets.
Texans: facing Bortles who is 2-20 on the road for his career. This team will be jacked to play for the city of Houston and give them something to root for during this difficult time.
The Rams seem like a good Week 1 pick here because the Texans are a good team and there will likely be some good opportunities to take them later in the season. The Bills are tanking this season and there’s a chance they trade away either Tyrod Taylor or LeSean McCoy at some point this season, so it may be tough to take the Bills after Week 1.
The pick: L.A. Rams