The Dolphins were already a play for me at -6 before the injuries to Jets G Brian Winters and DE Mo Wilkerson but the injuries just solidify the play. I faded the Jets last week in Oakland and their secondary didn’t disappoint – Buster Skrine confirmed he is on the list of the worst starting cornerbacks in the NFL. Skrine missed tackles, he gave up big catches in coverage, and he looked lost for the second week in a row. The Dolphins have been the butt of a lot of jokes this summer ever since they signed Jay Cutler but they just went into LA and beat the Chargers 19-17 (a team who could’ve beaten the Broncos). Cutler found Landry for 13 receptions, Devante Parker had 85 yards, and Jay Ajayi ran strong for 122 yards. The offense all around looked sharp and it’s not too surprising – Cutler had the best statistical season of his career under Adam Gase in Chicago a few years ago.

With the injury to G Brian Winters the Dolphins front 4 should feast. Mo Wilkerson out obviously hurts their defense…and their defense has been awful as it is.
As far as concerns about the Fins traveling from the west coast, the Jets are making essentially the same trip coming from Oakland. The Dolphins also flew to LA early in the week before Week 2, much earlier than the Jets flew into Oakland, so I would argue that the Dolphins actually have the rest advantage here because the Jets had 2 flights in 2.5 days while the Dolphins had much more time between flights.
Another concern is Miami plays in London next week. Teams in games the week before London have performed miserably, going 11-22-1 ATS lifetime in what seems to be a tough look ahead situation. The one bright spot is the Ravens and Jaguars were in this position last week and the Ravens were able to put together a dominant performance and cover the spread vs Cleveland (the Jaguars lost). This is the Dolphins 3rd ever London game and in both spots (in 2014 and 2015) the Dolphins got blown out the game before London. I don’t take too much stock into that though because most of the Dolphins roster now wasn’t on those teams and those teams were significantly less talented. Also, teams in pre-London spots went 4-2 ATS since the beginning of last season. Maybe teams are figuring out better routines before London as time has gone on.
I think the Dolphins know they have a tough schedule the rest of the way and can’t afford to not be prepared for games early in the season. If the Dolphins aren’t ready then that’s too bad and they’re really holding themselves back. But if they are ready for this one then I don’t see it being even close.