I’m going to speak as if I’m talking to the guys who have been following me since the beginning, when I started this in 2014. So if you’re new and just follow to read my content, bear with me…this is more of a message to my guys from day 1 and those who have backed me during these playoffs.
A lot went through my head last night and this morning after yesterday’s games. I know some people took the Jags (and the Eagles) but it’s always tough thinking that people lost money on my recommendations – people who I’ve built relationships with over the years, who I had existing relationships with already, and those who have believed in me through the ups & downs of this wild journey. The toughest part is when the expectations and excitement level get really high – I mean, 7-1 & +11.5 units to start the playoffs was a rush to say the least. That’s why I play the game – for runs like that and to enjoy the journey with people. But yesterday sucked and I know a lot of people lost money that they earned. I’m sorry that happened and it sucks that the downside of the game we love to play is loss….sometimes a bigger loss than we expect. There are a lot of people in Minnesota feeling pretty similar to how we do right now.
This season started off slow – the slowest of my 4 seasons. Maybe I had a Falcons Super Bowl hangover or I was adjusting to becoming more a “content provider,” but I lost on a mix of picking too many games and focusing too much on DraftKings content. And, unfortunately, the heavy NFL injury bug hit me hard on some big games.
November was go time and I needed to flip the script. I put an end to the DraftKings research to sharpen up on the spread and November was awesome – 13-6 for the month. A stretch of +13 units in one week and Thanksgiving & rolling into the holidays was some of the most fun I’ve had running this site. December had one great undefeated week and then a mix of up & down. January started out on fire – 7-1 to start the playoffs for +11.5 units and then the big losses on the Steelers, Pats  Vikings all came. Plus I lost on adding those teams in teasers as well. All in all I stand at 7-8 in the playoffs for -4.5 units, 52-46 on the season and -5.5 units on the season.
My 4 year trail here is 205-156 (57%) for +42.85 units (on a 1 to 5 unit scale). I have work to do to build out my mission. My 2014 & 2015 seasons were much stronger than my 2016 & 2017s. But I’m taking a lot of positives away from this season. Little things like recommending “passing” on big public games that turned out to be sucker bets and saving people money. Other little things like “win by margin” props that cashed. Adding videos & audio into my repertoire. Bouncing back from a hole. And, most of all, the commentary with all those who stay engaged during the wins & losses….that’s the best. I feel like I’m playing a sport during all of this and I love every second of what I do…even when it does get tough. Having a group of guys to ride this out with is the greatest fulfillment to have in this crazy world.
I can’t thank you enough for your support if you’ve supported me. This is a brutally
hard game where 60% is elite and losses are gonna happen no matter what. People want handicappers to win almost every week and they like to hate when you lose a normal amount of games, so I appreciate you.
I’m sorry I couldn’t do more this season like I have in seasons in the past and “finish my 4th quarter run.” As the years have gone on, I’ve focused a lot on managing expectations to help keep things positive when the chips are down & help keep an level-head when the expectations are high. This is a brutally hard game and I try not to oversell expectations. I know that this game is a grind and the average guy profiting a few thousand for the season is a realistic yet very hard goal to hit. I’m still writing the script.
This is a feeling I will carry with me throughout the offseason. The numbers may not show it but I feel like I developed more this season than in any of my previous seasons and I will take this feeling to motivate me to deliver more for next year. I WILL be getting involved in other sports soon and providing content by partnering with other guys for other sports.
This game and this journey has been a mix of fun, disappointments, highs & lows. I thank all of you, truly, for understanding and believing in me to help you throughout the ups & downs. When money is involved I know it is a sensitive subject and I do my best to help you turn a profit and I want you to know I take this very seriously when you guys lose. I can never guarantee results but I guarantee I will try to make this as fun of an experience for you guys as possible in the future with some winning along the way.
I’ll be working on the Super Bowl in a few days for this one last game but, again, thank you for everything not only this season but the entire time I’ve been on this wild ride.