Props are probably the best part of betting the Super Bowl. Some props are hilarious and fun (you can bet if certain things in the game will happen before the first “Dilly Dilly” commercial) and others you can really make some good money on. I’ve written out props that I think are worth betting on, starting with the fun ones first and then the sharp ones afterwards:



  1. National Anthem OVER 122 seconds

The National Anthem has gone OVER 2 minutes in 4 of the last 5 years. Pink is a huuuge Eagles fan and maybe she’ll hold a few notes a little extra long to dramatize this one and hit the Over.


  1. Will either team score before the first “Dilly Dilly” commercial” -200 

Bud Light is going to air their first commercial in the 1st quarter. This sounds crazy, but it’s true – in ALL 7 of Tom Brady’s Super Bowls the Patriots haven’t scored a single point in the 1st quarter. The Pats do most of their damage in the 2nd half, why not throw a few shekels on this one? (-200= $10 to win $5)


   3. What will Justin Timberlake’s first song be?

Can’t wait for this halftime show. JT played “Can’t Stop The Feeling” as his first song when he hosted the Oscars last year, so will he open with that again? My gut says he’s too original to repeat that but, who knows, maybe he really just can’t stop the feeling. If you like Can’t Stop the Feeling, it’s at +150, but I’m going with SexyBack for +175

  1. Coin toss: Tails (just because)
  2. What color will Bill Belichick’s shirt be? Blue -140 – He’s worn blue the last 2 Super Bowls and they won both…don’t change it Bill!



       1. Will there be more points in the 2nd half than the 1st: YES -175 –        WIN

If you bet this in all 7 of Tom Brady’s Super Bowls with the Pats, it would have a 5-1-1 record.


  1. 1st Half Under 24 -120 – Loss

Brady and the Pats haven’t scored a single point in the first quarter of any Super Bowl. Belichick typically gameplans conservatively and relies on his halftime adjustments.


  1. Shortest TD Under 1.5 yards – WIN

This has cashed in 4 of the last 5 Super Bowls.


  1. Win by” margin bets:

Eagles by 1-3 = +800

Eagles by 4-6 = +1100

Eagles by 7-10 = +800 – WIN

(Pats by 1-3) = +500

(Pats by 4-6) = +800


  1. Tom Brady UNDER 2.5 rushing yards: TB has topped 2.5 rushing yards in just 5 of 18 games this season.    Loss


  1. Will Tom Brady throw a 4th quarter TD pass: YES (Even) –   WIN

Typical Brady.


  1. Rob Gronkowski OVER 5 receptions -135: Excluding the Jaguars game when he was knocked out with a concussion, Gronk has topped this in 5 of his last 6 playoff games.    WIN

       8. Chris Hogan O35.5 yards -115: Darby will cover Cooks and Jenkins will be on Gronk. Brady likely won’t target those matchups as much and will probably favor Hogan & Amendola at times against weaker matchups.    WIN


Player to score the 1st TD:

T. Smith +2000

Hogan +1200

Blount +1200

Agholor +1200

Clement +2500


Good luck & enjoy the game amigos.