Eagles/Saints Over 56 — 1 unit

I’m not sure if any defense can stop Brees and the Saints right now. No Ronald Darby for the Eagles means a thin secondary just got a little bit thinner and I don’t know how Michael Thomas gets stopped in this game. The only way to slow down the Saints offense is to run the ball and play keep-away (which the Eagles can’t do without Ajayi). The Eagles must know they have to take chances in this game and put up points – putting the ball in Wentz’s hands for the majority of the game and trying to win a shootout is really one of the only options Philly has to stay in this game unless their defense flipped a miraculous switch in the past 6 days. The Eagles pass:run ratio is out of wack and backs up what I just said about keeping the ball in Wentz’s hands – 111 passes:57 runs from RBs the last 3 weeks. The Saints have scored 45, 43, 40, and 21 points at home to go Over 3 out of 4 times. Pederson is going to have to gamble in this game and not settle for field goals. The Saints should get to 31-34 points and the Eagles offense should give enough chances to push this one Over.