Steelers -5 at Jaguars — 2.5 units

This is the most humble I’ve seen Mike Tomlin in years and I think that‘s part of the reason why the Steelers have been on such a run lately – 5 straight wins, 5 straight covers, and the defense is peaking. The Jaguars have a ton of ego and had huge expectations coming into the year and I think that when things have gotten tough they’ve started pointing fingers because they know they can’t live up to what they did last year.

LeV Bell not showing up helps the Steelers even more in my opinion – this is the same guy who brought up his contract the Friday before a playoff game vs the Jags. Huge distraction. Now that he’s gone the message in the Steelers locker room must be “we don’t need him and we haven’t needed him all season.” Now they have a chance to face the team who sent them home last year and kick their ass on their home field. The Jaguars are playing without their starting Center and are now starting Ereck Flowers at LT because their top two LTs are hurt. I watched this guy play every game when he was on the Giants and he flat out is a bad offensive lineman. I’m expecting the Steelers to bring heavy pressure on the offensive line, rattle Bortles, and then deliver a few big punches to the Jags defense when they get worn down from being on the field a lot. This is more than just a regular game for the Steelers and when a team has someone as cocky as Jalen Ramsey run his mouth his whole career, people want to stick it to him. I’ll put my money on the Steelers to do just that. Steelers have won their last two road games by 7 points each and I think they can win by more than that today.

Sit down Jalen Ramsey. Pay me.