Vikings 16 @ Packers 21 (-2.5) – Vikings outgain Packers who go scoreless in the final three quarters, but Cousins’s costly turnover ends Minnesota’s comeback bid.


•    Vikings averaged 7.0 YPP vs Packers 4.9 YPP
•    Cousins 6.8 YPA with a 43.8 completion % vs Rodgers 5.3 YPA with a 64.7% completion %
•    Vikings 7.3 YPC vs Packers 4.4 YPC
•    Cook 20 carries for 154 yards 1 TD (7.7 YPC) vs Aaron Jones 23 carries for 116 yards 1 TD (5.0 YPC)
•    Removing Cook’s 75 yard run he was just 19 carries for 79 yards (3.9 YPC)
•    Vikings 0/2 red zone vs Packers 3/3 red zone
•    Minnesota 4 turnovers vs Packers 2 turnovers
•    Thielan 5 catches on 8 targets for 75 yards
•    Adams 7 catches on 9 targets for 106 yards and 1 TD


Drive highlights

•    Packers score 3 touchdowns in the first quarter to take 21-0 lead
•    After the first quarter, Packers only gained more than 22 yards in a drive once (32 yards) on 11 drives
•    Packers punted 8 times
•    Packers fumbled twice (MIN 28 and GB 42) and had a turnover on downs (MIN 25)
•    Vikings threw two interceptions (MIN 44 and GB 8 ), had a fumble (MIN 33), missed FG (GB 27)
•    Cousins had a chance to give the Vikings the lead with 5 minutes to go in the 4th quarter but threw an interception on 1st down on the GB 8
•    Rodgers had 141 yards passing first three drives, 68 yards afterwards
•    Vikings settled for a FG after having 1st down at the GB 3

Packers come out firing with a scripted offense that sees them go up 21-0, also benefiting from recovering a fumble at the MIN 33. Jamaal Williams and Geronimo Allison each caught red zone touchdowns while Aaron Jones took one in from 2 yards out. Vikings immediately responded with a 75 yard touchdown run to cut the lead to 21-7. From there, the Packers offense would go lifeless and squander any opportunity they had with short field. Packers eventually turned the ball over on downs after intercepting Cousins at the MIN 47 and fumbled the ball at the MIN 28 after benefiting from a pass interference call. The Vikings basically dominated running the ball on the ground, but Cousins was extremely inaccurate all game. He only completed 43.8% of his throws, but still managed to throw for 230 yards due to the Packers giving up explosive plays of 61, 45, 30, and 20 yard receptions. With the Packers offense going lifeless, the Vikings were able to get themselves back in the game; however, they left points on the board. Vikings missed a 47 yard FG in the first quarter, settled for a FG that saw them have 1st down at the GB 3, and Cousins got picked off on 1st down with 5 minutes left in the game at the GB 8 by unsuccessfully trying to throw the ball away. Overall, the Vikings dominate this game by the box score, but Cousins’s bad play is ultimately the deciding factor in the loss.