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There are a lot of bad things you can say about the Browns right now but their defense hasn’t been the problem and they just held the Rams to 20 points with 3 starters in the secondary hurt. Familiarity with Lamar Jackson should help Cleveland in this spot as they played Baltimore close last season. Lamar Jackson was held to 8-19 passing at halftime last week vs the Chiefs and I think it’s clear at this point that he’s good, but nowhere near as good as the first 2 weeks against soft competition (Cardinals, Dolphins) suggests.

Cleveland’s offense and Freddie Kitchens’ coaching has been more of the concern, but this isn’t the same Ravens defense that we’re used to – their secondary is hurt and have given up more yards than normal (349 yards to Murray, 374 to Mahomes) – and the pass rush lost a lot this offseason. It sounds crazy to say but if there’s a week for Baker to have a better flow to his game, it’s this week – the Rams and Titans both have better defenses than the Ravens do right now and he should be able to get the ball to his playmakers and move the chains enough to make this game competitive. Kansas City was up 23-6 over Baltimore last week, so that final score is deceiving. I don’t think Baltimore is as good as everyone thinks right now and I think Cleveland’s front 7 can keep this a close one score game.