1 unit 

Chiefs: The Lions are definitely improved but they’ve also benefited from playing the Eagles and Chargers when they had a lot of injuries. CB Darius Slay is a gametime decision for Detroit and DT Mike Daniels is out, so those are two things going in Kansas City’s favor on top of Mahomes playing indoors and having the best offense in the NFL. Lions can do a pretty good job of playing keep away with the run game here but Mahomes should put too much pressure on this secondary and I’ll take the Chiefs in a near PK spot whenever I can.

Seahawks: Seattle’s been far from perfect but Arizona’s been bad and Kyler Murray just got sacked 8 times last week. Kyle Allen just threw all over the Cardinals secondary and Arizona lost 38-20 in that game, so I see Wilson having similar success. Seattle is off a loss and has been a moneymaker over the years in this spot – 18-8-2 ATS off a loss since 2014. Coaching edge here with Pete Caroll and Seattle’s defensive deficiencies get hidden a bit with the pass rush taking advantage of Arizona’s offensive line.