• The Colts’ OL will have a significant advantage in this game in pass protection. They rank #3 in pass blocking, allowing only 7 sacks this season. They will face a Broncos’ DL that ranks #23 in pass rush which has notched only 13 sacks so far this season. They had 7 sacks 2 weeks ago in a shutout against the Titans, which means they’ve scattered 6 sacks over the remaining 6 games.


  • The Colts’ offense ranks #7 in 3rd down offense, converting on 47% of attempts. They also rank #6 in RZ offense


  • The Broncos’ defense will try to counteract this, with the #6 ranked 3rd down defense (33%) and #3 ranked RZ defense (38%).


  • Colts knocked off the Texans by a TD at home last week. Think they’ll be able to do the same or better against the Broncos and Joe Flacco if they bring the same effort.




The Rams got right last week on the road against a bad Falcons
team. They will face the winless Bengals in London this week.
The Rams defense ranks #3 in defensive efficiency, facing a
Bengals’ offense that ranks #30 in offensive efficiency and #32 in
rushing offense and rush yards/gm (53.1).
Rams OL ranks #4 in pass blocking, allowing only 12 sacks this
season, and #10 in rush blocking. They will face a Bengals DL that
ranks #25 in pass rush with only 9 sacks in 7 games and #24 in run
stopping, allowing a putrid 189 yards/gm. Due to the platooning
nature of the Rams’ backfield, won’t be able to hit an OVER prop
here with certainty, but the Rams will be able to do everything they
want against a team that might be giving up midway if they haven’t


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