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TY Hilton out and this is a rematch from a 19-17 Colts win earlier in the season where the first half finished at a combined 20 points. The Colts combined score at halftime their last 6 games has been an average of just 18 ppg, most recently 10-10 vs Houston, 10-7 vs Jacksonville, and 10-0 vs Miami. Brissett had just 146 yards in the first game, with TY playing. The Titans and Tannehill have benefitted from playing some bad run defenses the last few weeks (KC and Jax) and Tannehill has had the luxury of playing 4 of his first 5 games at home. On the road with Tannehill, the Titans lost 30-20 at Carolina and were down 17-0 at halftime. The Colts defense really limited KC this year in a big game and also held Carlos Hyde to just 67 yards on 16 carries when they played the Texans. Extra prep for the Colts off a loss, points should be at a premium without TY here. 




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