Pittsburgh in the past would have letdowns after a big division win but I’ll bet that they’re focused today because they don’t have the divas and egos on the team that hurt them in the past. The Cardinals defense isn’t good and that helps Hodges. Juju and Connor are still out but James Washington and Benny Snell stepped up last week. Pittsburgh has a lot of momentum and knowing that they haven’t made the playoffs in two years I think they’ve embraced this run heading towards the playoffs. Maybe I’m wrong and they fall flat again like in the past but this team is filled with a bunch of underdogs, not AB or Lev Bell, and Tomlin has always been better as a coach when his team isn’t a huge favorite. Pittsburgh is 8-2 ATS since Big Ben got hurt and this defense has been really good. Better defense, better coach and the Cards just let the Rams do whatever they want.