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Every week the newsletter is between 15-20 pages of angles and notes helping you with picks for the week. There’s a deep dive into a number of analytics for every team, game recaps, box score notes, mismatches, overvalued and undervalued teams. This filters out a lot of noise on the internet and tells you the true story of each team. This is the prep sheet I use every week and in here I write out games I like or reasons why I’m staying away from a game. Situational spots. A snapshot of the betting market – what’s overvalued or undervalued – and why things like 8 games going Over by double digits in Week 2 happened. There’s a lot of good prep and angles in here for Week 4 and I’m looking forward to another good week.


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*Official picks are sold seperate from the newsletter. 1-2.5 unit plays are always free, 3 units are sold for $10. The newsletter covers the whole league and is a deeper dive into every team than what you get on Twitter for free.