James Alberino

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The Giants offensive line is bad and the Broncos front 7 will give them a lot of problems. The Giants shouldn’t score more than 13-16 points in this game. Teddy is the perfect quarterback for Denver not only overall but specifically for this game because Denver’s defense is so good that they just need a quarterback who won’t turn the ball over and lose the game. The Giants have a bottom 5 offensive line, struggled all summer, and in terms of being ready the offense as a whole should be behind Denver’s defense because the Giants had a lot of guys in an out of practice all August with injuries and Covid. Jason Garrett and Kenny Golladay both pretty much said last week that the Giants in Week 1 will not be close to their full potential because of the limited reps. Daniel Jones fumbles too much against fast defenses to trust him to win this game and he’s 8-18 as a starter. Denver has one of the top 2-3 defenses in the NFL with how much they upgraded in the secondary and Von Miller and Bradley Chubb are going to win their matchups all game. This is a 4:25 ET start in NY, not 1ET, so the Broncos benefit there. The Giants defense will be competitive this year and not easy to score on but Teddy should be able to spread the ball around, lean on the run game, and do enough to cover the #.