James Alberino

2 unit bet


Marcus Peters and Jimmy Smith both out at corner, Derek Wolfe out at DE. Darren Waller should make a few big plays over the middle. Normally I don’t like to go against Harbaugh in Week 1 but none of the running backs playing tonight have ever taken a game snap with Lamar Jackson and didn’t take a preseason snap with him this summer. They might be fine but a lot of Jackson’s runs rely on good timing with the running backs so if that’s off for a few plays that can put Lamar Jackson in more passing downs than normal. The Raiders defense last year was terrible but the Gus Bradley hire is really good, Paul Guenther was terrible, and Bradley’s defenses played really well in Seattle and with the Chargers. The Raiders also added a lot of talent on defense that flew under the radar this summer – added Casey Heyward at corner and Denzel Perryman at linebacker from the Chargers. Gerald McCoy at defensive tackle, Yannick Ngakoue from the Ravens at defensive end, and KJ Wright at linebacker from Seattle. Gus Bradley and the Chargers beat the Ravens in the playoffs 2 years ago vs Lamar Jackson and at the least should have a good gameplan tonight. Ruggs should be better this year with a full offseason. Josh Jacobs is active. The crowd at Allegiant is going to be loud in the first game there ever with fans and if Lamar is forced to pass a little more than normal the Raiders should be able to keep this game close.