James Alberino

+3 -120 was released Tuesday for 2 units and I played 1st half +110 moneyline for 1.5 unit


Two teams coming into this game in completely different situations. The Bengals got a lot better this offseason on both sides of the ball and are coming off a big win against a pretty good team with momentum whereas the Bears have players on the roster that are basically waiting for Dalton to get benched. Aside from the quarterback the Bears corners were an issue coming into the Rams game and the Rams only exposed that more. Joe Burrow looked great and should find Tee Higgins, Ja’Marr Chase and Tyler Boyd down the field a good amount. Burrow had 2 touchdowns vs the Vikings, 261 yards and didn’t turn the ball over. 9.7 yards per attempt vs a Minnesota defense that added Patrick Peterson and has a lot of talent. He doesn’t make a lot of mistakes at all even if he’s under pressure – 5 INTs in 10 NFL starts – and you can’t say the same for Dalton. Interception in the redzone opening drive vs the Rams. He completed one pass over 16 yards last week and threw for 5.4 yards per attempt. The Bears have problems at offensive tackle and have injuries there now too and the Bengals defensive line added a lot of talent in the offseason that flew under the radar. Larry Ogunjobi is a big add. Cincinnati was aggressive with their front 7 last week and pressured Cousins a good amount and held Dalvin Cook to 3.1 yards per carry on 20 attempts. Cincinnati was up 21-7 in that game in the 3rd quarter and let Minnesota back in the game when they went for it on 4th and short inside their own 30 and didn’t get it. Minnesota scored a touchdown 3 plays later. Chicago’s defensive tackle Eddie Goldman is doubtful for tomorrow and Joe Mixon had 127 yards on the ground Sunday. With how fed up the Bears fanbase is with Matt Nagy I don’t see how this is much of a home edge for the Bears – Andy Dalton is going to hear boos all game and regardless of whatever he says it’s not easy playing in a situation where you have way more to lose than to gain. The Bengals got better in the secondary and front 7 and are going to be able to get in the backfield. When Burrow is making plays vs the Bears secondary it has to be hard watching that on the sidelines if you’re on the Bears knowing that your star QB is on the bench. If Nagy does what he should do and puts in Fields midgame it most likely means the Bengals are winning and in that case +3 is still a good ticket with Burrow vs Fields and the matchups Burrow can go at. I like the Bengals 1st half a lot and if I didn’t lock +3 on Tuesday I would put more money on the first half.